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Riserva, Champagne

  • Product Details

    Riserva makes the act of wine tasting a more accessible daily activity. The ample range of shapes is particularly appropriate for restaurants, wine bars and in general, for less formal situations without forgoing the clarity and brilliance of Star Glass and the fine quality of the laser cut bowl rim. 


    The availability of glasses with capacity marks completes the range and satisfies the requirements of restaurant and cafe managers alike. 

    - Star Glass

    - Laser Cutting

    20.5cl, 7oz

    h 224 mm - 8 3/4”

    Ø 75 mm - 3”


    Matching glass rack

    Cambro 25S958

    Unica SG-RBC25/4-GY

    Traex TR6BBBB 

  • ITEM NO : 1.26281

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