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Experience Pot, BISTRO & CO, 9x5.5cm / 12CL

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    Revol's porcelain experience pots will bring out all your creativity! Chips, tapas, aperitifs, fruits, mousses, dips, appetisers - all the combinations are possible with these porcelain experience pots. You can make variations on a single recipe for a tasting menu: a tray of four small starters to be shared by diners, for example, or simply place these ramekins with their original design on the bar. Designed to be served on the long Bistro & Co tray, the formats of these porcelain pots can be blended according to your wishes for ever more generous and surprising presentations! The bistro spirit of the collection will bring atmosphere and unmatched charm to your dining tables, while providing great resistance and user-friendliness.

    Measurment: 9 x H, 5.5cm / 12CL

  • ITEM NO : 647591

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