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Individual Bowl, SOLID, Pepper Red Inner-23x4.5cm

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    The Revol gourmet plate from the Solid range is perfect for serving dishes to share - salads, pasta, ramen, side dishes, veloutés, fries, fruit salads and other gourmet dishes... This shallow bowl with its gentle lines, an elegant matt and gloss finish evoking a craftsmanlike, traditional aesthetic is ideal for original, seasonal and carefully selected ingredients. Available in three colours, white, chili pepper red and gloss black, this plate will enhance your most delicate dishes in all seasons and for themed menus. Designed in top-quality porcelain, the gourmet Revol plate or bowl is sturdy, resistant to impacts (including thermal shocks) and is easy to clean.

    Measurement: DIAM, 23cm x H, 4.5cm

    Capacity: 70CL

  • ITEM NO : 649100

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