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Heated Banquet Trolley, BW36

  • Product Details

    • Push handles also accessible when the doors are open
    • Door double-walled, insulated and thermally separated with all-round removable sealing profile
    • Self-closing, 2-point lock secure for transport (with safety position), lockable
    • Completely open doors can be locked
    • Interior: HS hygienic type
    • Protection type: IP X4

    Code, 8230136
    Power, 2,200 watts
    Voltage, 220–240 V, /50–60 Hz
    Heat-up time, approx. 15 min
    Max No. GN container, Without dividing wall, no GN
    Max load capacity, 200 kg
    Dimension (l x d x h),139 x 94.5 x 192 cm
    Weight, 225 kg

  • ITEM NO : 8230136

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