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Heated Banquet Trolley, Ozti

  • Product Details

    • The convection-heated banquet trolleys can be used with dr y or moist air, depending on what is best
    for your food.
    • Digital control with cabinet temperature display and setting. Fully compliant with HACCP digital controls include visible alarms.
    • Large storage area suitable to contain 2/1 GN containers or shelves on ant i-tilt pressed runners.
    • Optimized bottom to up forced air flow provides even temperature distribution and fast heating in any
    • Cabinet fitted with up to 70 mm thickness of eco friendly poly urethane insulation for best insulating
    • Removable triple e-chamber ballon magnetic gasket to improve insulation and to reduce energy
    • The gap on the sides-end ensures the circulation of the convection air to achieve even tempera ture
    inside the banquet trolley.
    • The slide-in heating module can be removed easily.
    • The water tank for the moist-air heating can also be removed conveniently.
    • Manual water refilling

    Code, 8240200
    Power, 2,000 watts
    Voltage, 230V, 50Hz
    Temperature, 50-80°C
    Dimension (l x d x h), 91.0 x 82.7 x 181.6 cm
    Weight,114 kg

  • ITEM NO : 8240200

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